multi-functional table for sand & water
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Bright game table for children from 1 year old.
Optimal height for the child, stable and durable.

There are 3 large sectors on the playing field of the table.

- base mix 3 colors: blue, st. green, red
- legs to the table and fastening: yellow - two-component pancake for sand and water
- watering can 0.5 l
- scapula and rake ""Kvitochka""

- Easter cake
Pancake can be installed in 2 different positions.
The table can be used:
- for playing with water and sand (ordinary and kinetic)
- pour cereals, nuts, for the development of fine motor skills.

- ideal for playing at home and on the street.

Assembly is required and instructions are included.

Age: 12 Months+
Item Code: 4068-1023

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