EMELIE Empathy Therapy Doll


Emelie embodies the essence of a child between 3 and 6 years old, with natural body language that allows her to sit, lie down with straight legs, and even take assisted steps, resembling a realistic experience. Crafted with proportions that accommodate wearing standard baby clothes, Emelie's authenticity is remarkable.

Human Touch Experience

Designed as a therapy doll with Human Touch, Emelie features a unique body pocket that allows for the inclusion of sensory-stimulating accessories. This inclusion enhances her human-like qualities and fosters stronger emotional connections. The pocket can accommodate pleasant scents, such as herbs, spices, or perfumed cloths, to evoke feelings and memories. Additionally, a specialized module simulates a heartbeat, providing a comforting sensory experience that encourages bonding and mirroring abilities.

Scope of Delivery

The package includes the empathy doll Emelie alone. The doll Emelie comes dressed in clothing as depicted in the image (clothing design subject to change).

Important Considerations

Due to her substantial weight, Emelie is not recommended as a toy for toddlers or children in kindergarten.

Material and Care

Emelie's body is crafted from elastic, easy-care, and skin-friendly stretch fabric, ensuring comfort and durability. She is hand washable, with a recommended washing temperature of up to 30°C.

Dimensions and Weight

Measuring approximately 65 cm in size and weighing around 1550 g, Emelie is sized and weighted to offer a realistic experience.


Choking hazard: Small parts and long-haired fibers may pose a risk if swallowed. Always supervise children directly during use.

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