Equality Theme Memory Cards


Promote equality and memory skills with our Modern Equality Memory Game. Match pairs of professions depicted with both men and women, fostering values of respect and inclusion. This engaging game enhances attention, memory, and social skills through real-life images on large, durable cards.

• Equality-Focused: Match professions equally represented by men and women, instilling values of respect and inclusion.
• Real-Life Images: Large 9x9 cm cards feature high-quality real photos, making the game visually engaging.
• Educational Value: Supports attention, concentration, empathy, social skills, memory, and vocabulary development.
• Versatile Use: Ideal for children (3-8 years), seniors, and individuals with special needs.
• Attention and Concentration: Engages players in focused, memory-enhancing activities.
• Empathy and Social Skills: Encourages understanding and appreciation of diverse roles.
• Values Education: Promotes respect, equality, solidarity, and inclusion.
• Vocabulary and Verbal Fluency: Expands vocabulary through real-life profession matching.
• Durable and High-Quality: Includes 34 sturdy cardboard cards for long-lasting use.

• Children (3-8 years)
• Seniors
• Special Needs

• 34 High-Quality Cardboard Cards: Each measuring 9 x 9 cm, featuring real photos.
Empower young minds and instill valuable life lessons with our Modern Equality Memory Game. Perfect for home, classroom, or therapeutic use, this game makes learning fun and meaningful.

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