The Sense of Smell: fruits and their aromas

Unlock the power of scent with our sensorial game designed to develop the sense of smell by distinguishing various fruit aromas.

• Children Aged 3-8 Years: Ideal for early childhood sensory development and memory enhancement.
• Seniors: Supports cognitive engagement and sensory stimulation.
• Special Needs: Inclusive design fosters sensory exploration and development for diverse abilities.
• Montessori: Perfect for Montessori environments, promoting hands-on learning and sensory discovery.

• Memory Improvement: Enhances memory skills through scent recognition and recall.
• Sensory Development: Sharpens the sense of smell and boosts sensory processing abilities.

• 24 Strong Cardboard Cards (7 x 7 cm): Durable and easy-to-handle, perfect for little hands.
• 12 Jars of Aromas: Each jar contains a unique fruit scent for immersive sensory learning.

Enhance sensory development and memory skills with our aroma-identification game. Ideal for home, classroom, or therapeutic use, this game offers an engaging and educational experience through the exploration of different fruit aromas.

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Age: 3 Years+
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