Tactile Memory Cards "everyday life" Theme


Discover the large-format tactile memory game featuring real-life images and various textures. Perfect for developing tactile discrimination, visual memory, and attention through touch, inspired by Montessori methodology.

• Children Aged 3-8 Years: Enhances sensory and cognitive development.
• Seniors: Promotes mental engagement and sensory stimulation.
• Special Needs: Inclusive design supports diverse learning needs.

• Attention and Concentration: Improves focus and cognitive skills.
• Memory Enhancement: Boosts visual and tactile memory.
• Sensory Development: Sharpens tactile discrimination through varied textures.
• Spatial Orientation: Enhances understanding of spatial relationships.

• 34 Textured Cardboard Tokens (9 x 9 cm): Made from FSC Certified sustainable materials, durable and eco-friendly.

Engage in classic and tactile memory games with our sustainable, Montessori-inspired tactile memory game. Ideal for home, classroom, or therapy settings, this game promotes sensory exploration and cognitive development through interactive play.

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