Discover Insects Domino Game

Engage in an exciting dominoes game with large, real-image cards to discover small insects up close! Boost attention and explore the fascinating world of insects.

• Children Aged 3-8 Years: Ideal for early learning and discovery.
• Special Needs: Inclusive design supports diverse learning needs.
• Seniors: Stimulating activity promoting cognitive health.

• Attention and Concentration: Enhances focus and mindfulness.
• Spatial Orientation: Develops understanding of spatial relationships.
• Vocabulary and Verbal Fluency: Expands language skills through play.

• 28 High-Quality Cardboard Dominoes (13 x 6.5 cm): Reversible for classic dominoes play.
• 15 Round Cards: Counters for engaging game variations.

Explore insects and sharpen cognitive skills with our Insects Dominoes Game, perfect for home, classrooms, and senior activities.

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Age: 3 Years+
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