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    Product: Pillar Wall Guard – Smooth

    The Pillar and Wall Guard from Arte Viva serves as a child-friendly protective layer, preventing injuries when children accidentally collide with walls or pillars during playtime.

    - Soft, flexible, and shock-absorbing design
    - Standard dimensions: 107.5 x 99.5 x 1.5 cm, adaptable size for various applications
    - Customizable protection for pillars, walls, corners, and window sills
    - Ideal for kindergartens, schools, nurseries, and daycare centers
    - Functions as Pillar Guard, Wall Guard, and Corner Guard
    - Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, weatherproof
    - Durable, bite-resistant, and easy to clean
    - Non-toxic material, fire-retardant version available upon request
    - Installation requires Bison Tix contact glue or similar (not included)
    - Certified with EN 71 and EN UNI 913:2009 standards

    - Guards against impacts on walls
    - Provides child-friendly wall and pillar protection
    - Available in white, easy to install, suitable for various settings like kindergartens, schools, homes, and sports facilities

    The Pillar and Wall Guard from Arte Viva is a child-friendly protective solution, preventing injuries resulting from accidental wall collisions during children's play. It's suitable for different settings, fostering a safe and injury-reduced environment. This product reduces the risk of injuries caused by collisions and comes in a smooth white design for effortless cleaning.

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