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Beechwood playpen, easy to set up - Dimensions: 100x100 cm
Mattress size: 95 x 95 cm (mattress not included - sold separately)
Adjustable by 2 different heights
Material: Beechwood
Cleaning / Maintenance mild soapy water in cloth wrung
Approved: Standard EN12227: 2010
Age 0 - 15 - Complete motor-skills development set comprising the best Gonge products! Play forms the basis for learning! This motor-skills development set is designed to enhance motor, cognitive and social skills ... and also to stimulate the senses and awareness of colours. The set provides ample opportunity for fun play, both individually and in groups. Several products also include a guide to help inspire both play and learning. Art 4050-1040 contains following products: Floor Surfer | Giant Top | Clown's Hat x 2  | Seesaw  | Activity Rings | Tactile Discs  | River Stones  | Hill Tops  | River
Mini Top
The Mini Top was developed with particular focus on the motor-skill development of children aged 0-4. The Mini Top invites young children to teeter, swing and spin around - at first with the help of an adult and subsequently on their own. It encourages motor activities which are important for a child's early development of his/her sense of balance (the vestibular system) and motor control. The shape of the Mini Top makes it safe for young children: it is dimensioned (diameter 68 cm, depth 26.5 cm) to be big enough, but not too big, for young children. The geometric shape ensures that the tilting motion gradually slows down and prevents the child from tipping over at the same time. The Mini Top has been carefully designed to make sure that both the child's head and fingers are protected during play. Simple, functional design.
Cushion for Mini Top
Soft fabric with non slip base colour grey/black washable at 30 degrees.
This high sided PVC foam changing mat with non slip base ensures maximum safety for the baby, protecting against the risk of falling. Dimensions 70x50x5cm
It all begins with a simple object in your baby's hand.
This set is dedicated to children from an early age supporting the development of both fine and gross motor skills.
Our Just Blocks will allow/ help your child gain the following benefits:
• touch and play with blocks developing the skills to handle them
• grasp, shake, grip and hold
• place, pile, stack and build
• destroy, throw and drop to learn what happens when something falls
• exploring the world with the little mouth checking their texture and endurance, learning new tastes and smells

Simple elements encourage even the youngest kids to play:
• They are easy to hold and rotate by small hands.
• With their smooth surface and rounded edges are pleasant to touch and safe to play with.
• They are inspired by nature (aroma, colour and texture of natural wood).
• They are easy to clean up after play.
• They can be combined with other Just Blocks sets and you can always go for more.
There are no limitations!

Just Blocks help your kids make their first steps in independent play.

The set contains 16 plain cubes (5cm x 4cm)

Material: Solid beech wood
Not being chemically treated by preservatives, paints or oils
Cardboard packaging
Weight 1,2kg
Dedicated for kids 0+
Made in Poland (EU)
Complies with EN-71 and ASTM F963-17

Sustainable product: wood sourced from FSC certified forests.