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Parachute 3.5m
This scarf is perfect for animation activities because of its size, shape, and construction. It is made of high-quality fabrics that come in various colours and has handles around the perimeter that make it easy to attach and carry parachutes. There are also additional parachute elements that can be combined with the scarf to create more games. Each of the numbered, coloured parts has a hole with a net trim at the bottom that is suitable for a small ball with a diameter of 15 cm. The product comes with one piece and has a length of approximately 3.5 meters, eight handles, and is made of polyester material. It weighs 0.57 kg.
The Nick Sand & Water Picnic Table Brown/white from AXI is a multifunctional picnic table. Nick has a secret room with two blue bins under the removable tabletop. These blue bins can be filled with sand and / or water, but of course you can also store toys in it. In addition, the bins are removable, so that they can be easily cleaned. The classic combination of sand and water is always a success with children! Played out? In no time you change the sand and water table into a picnic table where the children can craft, draw or enjoy some goodies.

The picnic table is made of FSC 100% Hemlock wood and also comes from sustainably managed forests and therefore also an environmentally conscious choice. This type of wood does not splinter and is naturally resistant to weather influences such as rain and therefore resistant to wood rot. The table is also treated with a water-based stain, without chemicals. You do not have to treat the Nick sand & water picnic table before use, children can immediately play safely with it. The free umbrella supplied ensures that they can play in the shade safely and cool.

Sand & Water Picnic Table
Including height adjustable umbrella (110 - 175 cm).
Two removable plastic bins for sand or water.
Maximum 8 liters per bin.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 95 x 97,7 x 48,7 cm.
Dimensions table top (LxW): 95 x 41 cm.
Seat height: 26,7 cm.
Maximum weight: 100 kg per bench.
FSC 100% hemlock wood, from sustainably managed forests.
Hemlock does not splinter and is naturally resistant to weather influences such as rain and therefore resistant to wood rot.
Easy assembly thanks to the partially pre-assembled parts.
Treated with a water-based stain, without chemicals.

Splish Splash Seas Water Table
The children no longer need to go to the beach every day, because this tropical island offers many more possibilities! There is a slide, a diving board and it can be played with the whole family. In total, the Splish Splash water table has 10 different games included.
This water table offers little pirates hours of outdoor fun. This sensory activity table has a variety of lively features and accessories that promote fine motor skills and stimulate the imagination. Ahoy buddy, it's time to set sail with the Splish Splash water table!

Suitable for children from 3 years.
125 x 50 x 75 cm
Age: + 2
217 x 87.5 x 118.2 cm
Age: + 2
147 x 140 x 183.5 cm
Fabric door with velcro
Age: + 2
98 x 110 x 127 cm
Age: + 2
98 x 110 x 127 cm
Age: + 2
38 accessories including sweet and salty foods, drinks, cutlery.
Fridge, oven, cash register,
124 x 132 x 135 cm
Age: + 2
The Feber Ghost Picnic Table is packed with full of surprise. On one side, it lets 4 children to sit comfortably at the table for snack time or play. Turning it from the other side makes it to turn into a face-to-face swing for 4 children! On the sides, small eyes accompany the movement.
sand and water set with mill turquoise
Brightset for sand and water for children from 1 year old.

Ideal for playing at home, on the street and on the beach.

The set consists of 7 elements:

- base - tray size 36x36x12 cm
- element for fixing the
two-component mill for sand and water with a propeller - bucket ""Tower"" for 1l
- spatula and rake
- Easter cake
- small boat

Assembly is required and instructions are included.

Educational Value: Promotes sensory exploration and fine motor skills development.
multi-functional table for sand & water
Bright game table for children from 1 year old.
Optimal height for the child, stable and durable.

There are 3 large sectors on the playing field of the table.

- base mix 3 colors: blue, st. green, red
- legs to the table and fastening: yellow - two-component pancake for sand and water
- watering can 0.5 l
- scapula and rake

Pancake can be installed in 2 different positions.
The table can be used:
- for playing with water and sand (ordinary and kinetic)
- pour cereals, nuts, for the development of fine motor skills.

- ideal for playing indoor and outdoor

Assembly is required and instructions are included.
Balancing Egg
Plastic coloured segmented parts that when assembled has a shape of an egg. Used for practicing the balance skills at different levels.
The gate is made of high quality metal. Equipped with a grid. The product needs to be folded.

Product specification:
Material: Metal
Includes terylene mesh.

Weight: 2.85 kg
Outdoor Drawing Board flower set x5 colours
The product comes in 5 different colours: yellow, blue, pink, red, orange.

Product Material: plastic (PVC) weatherproof (material is not magnetic).
Delivery includes cable ties for easy attachment to fences as well as screws and dowels for easy wall mounting.

Material thickness: 3 cm
Dimensions: H117 x W81 cm