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ARK's Cat Tip for the Z-Vibe® is the ultimate tool for sensory oral motor therapy, particularly for children in early intervention. Mr. Cat's friendly face immediately sparks interest, improves concentration, and increases a child's willingness to participate in therapy. Each tip has a variety of shapes and textures for sensory input both within the oral cavity and around the lips and face. ARK's Cat Tip can also be used to work on biting/chewing skills, coordination of movement, discrimination, and of course play therapy. A charming addition to any oral sensory motor treatment plan, kids will love incorporating these playful "pets" into their speech and feeding therapy sessions.

Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant
No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex
Measures approximately 1.75 inches from ear to ear
Sold individually
To be used with any Z-Vibe® or Z-Grabber® (sold separately)
Caution: this therapeutic tool should be used under adult supervision at all times.
A durable, lightweight, water repellent cover with strong elasticised edges, designed especially to fit snugly over our Tuff Tray Product details: Shower proof
Dimensions:97 x 97 x 7cm
Age Range: 3+ years
Material: Polyester
Natural sand in a 15kg bag, ready to use.
Age 3+ under supervision
Bouncing River Stone Set
This new version of the River Stone features a soft base and a hard-top platform supported by three strong steel springs to enable bouncing. Stepping and jumping on the Bouncing River Stone is more physically challenging as bouncing requires adjustment through the ankles and legs, which strengthens the proprioceptive sense. The Bouncing River Stone can be used on its own for special motor training activities or together with River Stones to provide even more play possibilities.
Unique quality with anti-slip rubber profile. Plastic hemispheres that challenge anybody's balancing skills. You can try to walk on the hemispheres with either side - the flat or the round side - up. They do not slip as they are heavy and filled with sand. Can withstand damp if left outdoor on the playground. Maximum load 100 kg.
Cushion for Mini Top
Soft fabric with non slip base colour grey/black washable at 30 degrees.
Textured Grabber (Red)
Red - Standard Level
Textured Grabber (Blue)
Blue XXT - Toughest Level
Tetra-Bite Chewy Fidget (blue)
Blue XXT - Toughest Level
Visual and audible way to indicate how long you have left for your activities.

With lights, sounds, auto set function and LCD display showing time remaining.

Easily programmed.

Ideal for people on the Autism Spectrum.

Dimensions: 13L x 13.5W x 27cmH

Manufacturer: Learning Resources
The gymnastics ball is perfect for rehabilitation therapy and general developmental exercises. It boasts high strength and flexibility and can support up to 150 kg of weight. This product comes in one piece and has a diameter of 50 cm.
colour: yellow
Weight: 0.80 kg
This "food sleeve" covers the food, exposing only the "right" sized biteHelps individuals visually judge and practice appropriate bite sizes
Eliminates the risk of the therapist/caregiver being bitten when presenting food
Sensory Frog
This plush frog measures 15 cm in height and has peas at the ends of its paws and in its torso. The filling of peas not only adds importance to the toy, but also provides a tactile sensory experience. This product comes as a single piece and is made of soft material suitable for children 6 months and older.
Weight: 0.06 kg
Product Description:
Introduce your little ones to the captivating world of wild animals with our Set of 3 Soft Foam Puzzles. Each puzzle, measuring 30x22.5 cm, showcases stunning illustrations of majestic Lions, adorable Polar Bears, and playful Monkeys. These puzzles are not only engaging but also designed with your child's safety and comfort in mind.
Crafted from high-quality, tearproof foam, these puzzles are built to withstand enthusiastic play sessions. The soft material ensures that your children can enjoy hours of fun without creating noise, making it an excellent choice for both home and travel.

Product Highlights:
• Dimensions: Each puzzle measures 30x22.5 cm.
• Set Includes: 3 vibrant foam puzzles featuring wild animals - Lions, Polar Bears, and Monkeys.
• Durable Design: Made from tearproof material ensuring longevity.
• Quiet Playtime: Soft foam material minimizes noise, perfect for quiet environments.

Why Choose Our Soft Foam Puzzles?
• Educational Fun: Perfect for developing problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.
• Durable and Safe: Tearproof foam material is safe for young children and ensures long-lasting use.
• Noise-Free Play: Enjoy a quiet environment while your children engage in creative play.
• Vivid Illustrations: Bright and colourful designs captivate and inspire young minds.

Perfect Gift Idea

Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just because, this set of wild animal foam puzzles makes a thoughtful and educational gift for toddlers and young children. Watch as they piece together the fascinating images of their favourite wild animals, sparking curiosity and imagination.

Soft sensory pillows in the shape of: circle, triangle, rectangle and square. Vivid colors attract children's attention, and the rustling sound encourages play
Product specification:
4 elements of triangle height 30 cm
diameter wheels 30 cm
dimmed square 30 x 30 cm
dimensions. rectangle 40 x 28 cm
polystyrene granulate filling terry cover with sheared terrycloth, thanks to the sewn-in zipper can be removed during washing at 40 degrees C.

Weight: 0.39 kg
Riddle Owl: Tactile Perception Chest
The Tactile Perception Chest is an innovative educational tool designed to enhance children's tactile perception and imagination. By encouraging kids to identify objects by touch alone, this chest helps develop critical sensory skills and promotes creative thinking.


1. Dimensions:
The chest measures 39 x 21 x 30 cm, providing ample space to conceal a variety of objects for children to discover and identify.

2. Palm Hole:
With a palm hole diameter of 7.5 cm, the chest is designed for easy access while ensuring the contents remain concealed, adding an element of surprise and curiosity.

3. Versatile Learning Tool:
Perfect for classrooms, homes, and therapy settings, the Tactile Perception Chest aids in teaching vocabulary and improving tactile discrimination skills.

4. Durable Construction:
Crafted from high-quality materials, this chest is built to withstand regular use, ensuring it remains a valuable part of your educational toolkit for years to come.


Enhance Sensory Skills:
Help children develop their sense of touch and improve their ability to recognize and identify objects without sight.

Encourage Imaginative Play:
Promote creative thinking and imagination as children explore and discover hidden objects.

Improve Vocabulary:
Use the chest as a fun and interactive way to introduce new words and concepts, enhancing language development.

Durable and Safe:
Constructed with child-safe materials, the Tactile Perception Chest is both durable and safe for everyday use.

Weight: 4.00 kg
ARK's Pencil Tip turns any Z-Vibe® into a vibrating pencil!  Use it to teach writing skills to young children, or to provide therapeutic relief for older individuals and avid note-takers.  Highly recommended for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine motor control.  Kit includes: 6 golf pencils and 1 pencil adapter that easily screws into the Z-Vibe® handle.
Set of 5 sea animals, tactile sensory input ideal for fine motor skills.
"Captivating oval desktop mood light with fluorescent jellyfish
LED lights with multiple settings & phases
Amazing lifelike swimming motion
Near silent motors
Measures approx: 44 x 23 x 7cm"
Grabber Original Oral Motor Chew (blue)
XXT - Toughest Level