A large, durable sand set made from recycled residual materials from the fishing and maritime industry. A maritime set with everything from ships and trucks to shovels, moulds and buckets, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor play with water and sand. A perfect set for kindergartens with many children at play, which strengthens the children’s fine motor skills and sparks their imagination.

The Sand Set from Blue Marine Toys is a toy made from recycled plastic derived from marine gear such as nets, trawls and ropes. At the factory in Hobro, these residual materials are transformed into toys, as using the recycled gear is a preventive action against fishing and marine gear ending in the oceans. The Blue Marine range encourages you to play with sand and water in the great outdoors – in the very nature that we must care for and protect. With Blue Marine Toys, dantoy is making a sustainable, preventative move towards protecting nature.

The range is created and inspired by the marine world and the process of creating Blue Marine toys. From collection and shipping of used gear to sorting, transformation, recycling and production.

The sand set is produced by dantoy in Denmark and made from recycled residual material from maritime use.
The set includes 59 pieces in lovely Blue Marine colours, which may vary slightly due to the material product. This product is recommended for children aged 2+ years.

The Sand Set from dantoy’s marine world, Blue Marine Toys, includes many elements that provide ample opportunity for imaginative role play and exploring sand and water in the great outdoors.

Blue Marine Toys

A line made from maritime gear which has been turned into toys with beautiful new colours. Sand, sea, and corals are a suitable inspiration for the colours of the Blue Marine Toys.

This product line is made of plastic that comes from nets, trawls, and ropes from the fishing and maritime industry. This range is a collection of products that together can be considered as part of a story. The net-liked structured products include, i.e. a mill where sand runs through several processes, just as the plastic materials are thoroughly sorted, and lorries which transport the maritime gear, boats and animals of the sea.

-Sustainable toys made from recycled fishing gear
-Made in Denmark
-Contains no harmful toxins
-Dishwasher safe

Child Development

- Develops fine motor skills
- Hand-eye coordination
- Spurs imagination
- Strengthen social skills

Number of pieces in the set: 59pcs

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