Sets of 4 Legs Ergo Furniture
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These legs are made of varnished, solid beech wood with a trapezoidal cross-section. They are perfect for classic wooden worktops and are connected to them using special metal buckles that are fixed in the corners of the top. Each buckle is screwed with six screws to the plinth, two screws to the leg, and two directly to the tabletop. This system ensures a sturdy and long-lasting connection of the structure.

The legs are available in seven sizes ranging from 0 (top height: 40 cm, height: 80 cm) to 6 (table top: 76 cm, height: up to 188 cm). They come in two sets: one with four pieces designed for square, rectangular, and round worktops, and another set with six pieces intended for hexagonal tops.

4 pcs.;

size 2 (height of table top: 53 cm, height: 108 - 121 cm);

leg width: 5.9 cm; trapezoidal section;

material: solid, lacquered beech wood

Weight: 4.00 kg

Item Code: 4032-1156

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