Sets of 4 Legs Ergo Furniture 64cm HEIGHT

Solid, wooden legs, made of varnished, solid beech wood with trapezoidal cross-section They are designed for Classic wooden worktops and are connected to them using special metal buckles fixed in the corners of the top. Each buckle is screwed with 6 screws to the plinth, 2 screws to the leg and 2 directly to the tabletop. Such a system allows to achieve a particularly strong and durable connection of the structure.

The legs are available in 7 sizes from 0 (top height: 40 cm, height: 80 cm) to 6 (table top: 76 cm, height: up to 188 cm) and in 2 sets: 4 pcs., designed for square, rectangular, round and 6 worktops, intended for hexagonal tops.

4 pcs.;

size 4 (height of table top: 64 cm, height: 133 - 159 cm);

leg width: 5.9 cm; trapezoidal section;

material: solid, lacquered beech wood

Weight: 5.00 kg

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