Geometric Figures

**Product Description:**

Enhance logical thinking and sharpen problem-solving skills with our versatile Sorting and Matching Shapes Set. This educational kit is designed to stimulate cognitive development by challenging children to calculate, compare, and sort figures based on four distinct attributes: color, shape, size, and thickness. Presented in an organized white box with compartments, it simplifies storage and ensures easy access to the 60 plastic elements included in the set.

**Product Specifications:**

- **Quantity:** The set comprises 60 plastic elements, offering a substantial collection for various sorting and matching activities.

- **Shapes:** Explore five fundamental shapes, each available in two different sizes: circle, triangle, square, hexagon, and rectangle.

- **Colors:** Incorporating three vibrant colours – red, yellow, and blue – to facilitate visual discrimination and classification. The colour of the case is blue.

- **Thickness:** The set introduces two thickness levels, allowing children to compare and sort objects by this attribute as well.

- **Dimensions:** Each element measures approximately 7.5 cm in side length and boasts a thickness of 6 mm.

- **Storage Solution:** Housed in a sturdy plastic box, the set promotes neat and organized storage, keeping all elements readily accessible for play and learning.

- **Weight:** Weighing a convenient 0.65 kg, the set is portable and easy to transport.


- **Educational Value:** The Sorting and Matching Shapes Set is designed to boost logical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and mathematical concepts by challenging children to categorize and arrange elements based on various attributes.

- **Multifaceted Learning:** With the incorporation of shapes, colours, sizes, and thicknesses, this set offers comprehensive learning experiences that encourage exploration and experimentation.

- **Practical Storage:** The included white box with compartments not only simplifies organization but also teaches children the importance of tidiness and order.

Elevate learning through play with our Sorting and Matching Shapes Set. Encourage children to engage in educational and entertaining activities that stimulate their cognitive growth. With a robust assortment of elements and thoughtful design, this set provides an excellent foundation for developing vital logical and analytical skills.

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