Transparent abacus for sorting shapes

The set of figures with an abacus will enhance children's exposure to the world of sorting and recognizing colors, as well as understanding objects' characteristics. This particular set includes elements that not only vary in color but also in shape. By engaging with this set during playtime, children can develop and improve several important skills.

Sorting and recognizing colors: The varied colors of the figures in the set will allow children to differentiate and sort them based on color, helping them develop color recognition skills.

Recognizing shapes and objects: The set's figures also differ in shape, providing an opportunity for children to learn and recognize different shapes and associate them with real-world objects.

Hand-eye coordination: While playing with the figures and abacus, children will naturally engage in manipulating and moving the objects, which helps develop hand-eye coordination as they align shapes and colors.

Fine motor skills: The act of manipulating the figures and beads on the abacus requires precise finger movements, which contributes to the development of fine motor skills. These skills are essential for activities such as writing, drawing, and other intricate tasks.

Logical thinking: Through sorting, matching, and arranging the figures, children will engage in logical thinking processes. They will learn to categorize objects based on their attributes, recognize patterns, and make connections between different elements.

Overall, this set encourages holistic development by combining cognitive, motor, and logical skills. By exploring and playing with the figures and abacus, children can enhance their cognitive abilities, strengthen their motor skills, and foster logical thinking processes.

Dimensions: 30 x 8 x 18 cm
Contents: 50 shapes (disc: diameter 5 cm, thickness 1 cm)
5 colors: red, yellow, green, orange, blue including 5 green pins and 1 base in yellow
Material: Plastic

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Age: 3 Years+
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