Ergonomic Sensory Wedge

Experience superior comfort and enhanced focus with our Ergonomic Sensory Wedge Pillow. Designed to relieve lumbar spine pressure and maintain proper pelvic alignment during sitting, this versatile air-filled pillow is perfect for improving posture and supporting attention and concentration. Made from durable vinyl and suitable for up to 150 kg, it’s an essential addition to any home, office, or classroom setting.

Key Features:

Lumbar Support: Relieves pressure on the lumbar spine and promotes proper pelvic alignment for healthier sitting.
Attention & Concentration Aid: Supports cognitive processes by providing a stable and comfortable seating surface.
Balance & Posture Correction: Ideal for balance exercises and correcting posture defects, enhancing overall physical health.
Tactile Stimulation: Covered with tabs that stimulate the sense of touch, adding a sensory dimension to your sitting experience.
Durable and Strong: Made from high-quality, non-toxic vinyl, supporting weights up to 150 kg.
Compact Size: Measures 33x33 cm, making it easy to incorporate into any seating arrangement.
Vibrant Red Color: Adds a pop of color to your space while providing ergonomic support.

Improves Posture: Encourages correct pelvic positioning and spinal alignment, reducing discomfort and strain.
Enhances Focus: Provides a stable seating solution that helps improve attention and concentration.
Versatile Usage: Perfect for sitting support, balance exercises, and correcting posture defects.
Sensory Engagement: The tactile surface helps engage the sense of touch, adding a therapeutic element.
Easy Maintenance: Durable vinyl material is easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use.

Upgrade your seating experience with our Ergonomic Sensory Wedge Pillow. Perfect for anyone looking to improve posture, enhance focus, and enjoy a comfortable and supportive seating solution. Order now to experience the benefits!

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