3D puzzles "Animals"


Educational toy: "3D puzzles of the Animal" (1 pc.) - 8 el. - puzzles for children 1+ Puzzles contribute to the early intellectual development of the child. Playing with the details of the toy trains hand motility, develops memory and attention, improves coordination of movements. It takes time to make the desired picture or model, and this brings up patience and accuracy in the baby. The child develops strategic thinking and learns to make decisions independently, to perceive the connection between the part and the whole. For one-year-old babies, voluminous 3D puzzles are best suited. Small handles first learn to connect parts, and only then make up a whole figure. It was for the youngest that a unique plastic toy "3D puzzles of the Animal" from the Ukrainian manufacturer TM Tigres was created. The collection includes 4 animals: goat, cat, dog and chanterelle. Each 3d animal consists of eight large elements that are safe for children from 12 months. Playing with the puzzles of TM Tigres, children will get acquainted with the structure of the body of animals, and thanks to the color details - they will learn colors. You can not worry if suddenly the baby decides to try some part of the toy "to taste". Plastic toys of TM Tigres are certified, do not contain any harmful substances, are of high quality and safe. Details can be painted on paper, give your baby "3D puzzles Animal" and this toy will be the beginning of a collection of puzzles of a little clever man! In the package - 1 pc

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