Auto kid cars (box)

"Auto ""Kid cars"" are small toys that are convenient for small palms.

Machines are made of certified materials, do not contain small parts, so they are absolutely safe for children 1+. Each toy consists of multi-colored elements, so while playing, the baby will get acquainted with the colors.

Series of cars ""Kid cars""- this is seventeen interesting models that can be fastened together with the help of special fasteners.

Cars can be bought separately, or you can buy a set of cars consisting of 54 toys at once. Dump truck, crane, concrete truck, fire and other models from which the baby will be delighted.

Playing with cars is useful for boys and girls

Any game, according to experts, is useful for the baby, because it helps to learn about the interesting world and learn something new. It turns out that children not only can play with toys traditionally intended for the other sex, but even need to! In particular, scientists have investigated that such babies develop faster, are active and later in life it is easier to cope with various situations.

Cars of the ""Kid cars"" series - correspond to the physical and mental abilities of a child from one year.

Packing: cardboard box (54 pcs)

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