Resolving Conflicts at School Cards

Unlock the power of decision-making with our engaging game series featuring seven short stories. Each story highlights two different ways to resolve conflicts, revealing the impact of making good or bad choices.

• Children Aged 3-8 Years: Ideal for young learners, promoting critical thinking and moral development.
• Special Needs: Inclusive design ensures accessibility for diverse learning abilities, enhancing social skills and interaction.

• Cooperative Learning: Fosters teamwork and mutual understanding through collaborative play.
• Empathy and Social Skills: Helps children understand different perspectives and emotions.
• Respect, Equality, Solidarity, and Inclusion: Teaches essential values for positive social interactions.
• Values Education: Encourages discussions on ethical decision-making in a fun, engaging way.

• 30 Cards (13.65 x 16.5 cm): Beautifully illustrated cards with compelling scenarios.
• 4 Card Holders: Easy organization and access for seamless gameplay.

Enhance your child's learning experience with our conflict resolution game series, perfect for home, school, or therapy settings. Encourage empathy, cooperation, and ethical thinking through interactive storytelling.

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