The 5 Senses Cards

Enhance the sense of smell with our engaging sensorial game. Children, seniors, and individuals with special needs can enjoy distinguishing the unique aromas of different fruits.

• Children Aged 3-6 Years: Perfect for early sensory development and educational play.
• Seniors: Supports cognitive engagement and sensory stimulation.
• Special Needs: Inclusive design promotes sensory exploration and development for all abilities.

• Sensory Development: Sharpens the sense of smell and improves sensory recognition skills.

• 50 Sturdy Cardboard Tokens (9 x 9 cm): Durable and easy-to-handle, featuring various fruit aromas.
• 1 Maxi-Dice (3.5 cm edge): Adds an element of fun and interaction to the game.

Encourage sensory growth and cognitive development with our smell development game. Ideal for home, school, or therapy settings, this game fosters engaging, hands-on learning through the exploration of fruit aromas.

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