Finger Alert 110°-180cm transparent

Product: Finger Alert 110°

Prevent finger injuries with the Finger Alert 110° door finger guards. Specifically designed for consumer and cost-effective professional markets such as schools and kindergartens. These transparent guards suit various doors and frames up to 5 cm (2") thickness, opening up to 110°, providing optimal finger protection.

- Material: Transparent PVC
- Length Options: 120 cm / 47'', 150 cm / 59'', 180 cm / 71''
- Certification: SKG-IKOB quality certified EN 16654:2015
- Standards: Compliant with EN16654 and NEN8654
- Set Composition: Includes 1 wide and 1 narrow profile in each set
- Durability: Tested for 250,000 opening and closing movements
- Installation: Easily applied using pre-installed Tesa tape; can also be screwed for professional use

- Ideal for doors that open up to 110° and have a maximum thickness of 5 cm/2"
- Adheres to wood, plastic, or metal surfaces, easy to clean with water
- Detailed instructions for proper installation, including surface preparation, adhesion methods, and maintenance
- Recommendation for nurseries and schools to reinforce installation every 30 cm for added security
- Note: Water-based paint requires screwing or nailing the strips to avoid damage

Safety Disclaimer:
- Finger guards should be installed as per the provided instructions; improper installation may cause damage or compromise safety.
- Manufacturer/supplier is not liable for damages due to incorrect installation.

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