Door Finger Alert Professional 180°

The Finger Alert 170-180° Professional is a high-quality door finger guard designed for schools, kindergartens, nurseries, and public buildings. It ensures safety by preventing finger entrapment between the hinge side of doors, especially in areas with children. This SKG® certified guard adheres to the highest safety standards (EN16654 and NEN8654).

- Highest safety certificate, SKG® certified and compliant with EN16654 and NEN8654
- Protects both sides of the door with two profiles for push and pull sides
- Quick installation with click strips for easy detachment and maintenance
- Available lengths: 180 cm/71″
- Suitable for doors opening up to 180°
- Fire retardant (UL94 USA / M2 France)
- Compatible with wood, plastic, and steel doors and windows

- Colour: Silver Grey (RAL7040)
- Set Composition: Includes 1 wide, 1 narrow strip, and 2 click profiles
- Tested for 1,000,000 open and closed movements
- Installation Time: 5-8 minutes per 180 cm/71″ profile
- Material Compatibility: Wood, plastic, steel; for flat, swing, pivotal, square edge, and rabbeted doors and windows
- Safety Recommendation: Suitable for doors with openings up to 20 cm from door-to-door frame

Note: The manufacturer is not liable for improper installation that may result in damage or compromised safety.

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