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Spare Balls BOX/BAG X 500 PCS
Colourful balls Bag of colourful balls (500pcs)
Hop Ball 50cm
hop balls 50 cm
Peanut Ball Smooth 100 x 50 cm
Sensory rollers 100 x 50 cm
This wooden car transforms from a balanced walker to a foot-powered ride-on, with a trunk to stow toys. The little red rider will help develop balance and early walking. Hape Toy finishes are all non-toxic, child safe and of the highest quality. Develops muscle strength and balance, Four-wheel drive makes this foot-powered rider stable and easy to use, Increases confidence and motor skills.

Balanced walker + foot powered ride on
Trunk to stow toys
Helps develops balance and early walking
No assembly required
Made with a commitment to sustainability, compliant with international safety and quality standards

Product Size: 48 x 30 x 46.2 cm
217 x 87.5 x 118.2 cm
Age: + 2
98 x 110 x 127 cm
Age: + 2
128.5 x 132 x 135 cm
Included: planter, trellis with pots, bird feeder, work table for
potting, tools,
Age: + 2
The Wonder House features an anti-UV system to prevent color loss and increase the resistance of the plastic. High strength and easy assembly.
Age - 2 to 7 Years
Material - Plastic
Product Dimension - L 114 x B 120 x H 135cm.
Activity Center 2+
Offers children the choice of multiple activities such as climbing, sliding or passing through the circles of the ground floor
Colors are resistant to sunlight and temperature changes
Easy to assemble
Dimensions: 153x89x97 cm
Minimum age: 2 years old
The Feber Ghost Picnic Table is packed with full of surprise. On one side, it lets 4 children to sit comfortably at the table for snack time or play. Turning it from the other side makes it to turn into a face-to-face swing for 4 children! On the sides, small eyes accompany the movement.
Baby Feber Slide 1+
Dimensions: 73 x 105 x 191 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Recommended age: +3 years
Maximum weight supported: 30 kg
Number of pieces: 2
Resistant to sunlight and temperature changes.
70 x 23 x 43 cm
Age: + 12M
120 x 87 x 90 cm
Age: + 8
A ride-on with double front wheels that provide extra support during the development and training of children's balance skills.
Suitable for the very young. Propelled forward using the feet. Exceptional quality push bike that will last generations and is also used in childcare centres. Age 1 - 3 years
Interlocking Cubes for Construction: 400 Pieces with Worksheets Included
Spark Creativity with 400-Piece Interlocking Cubes for Construction

Unleash your child's imagination and building skills with our 400-piece Interlocking Cubes for Construction set. This comprehensive set includes a variety of vibrant, easy-to-connect cubes and comes with engaging worksheets, with even more available for download from our website. Perfect for both home and classroom use, these cubes provide endless opportunities for creative and educational play.

Why Choose Our 400-Piece Interlocking Cubes for Construction?

Endless Creativity: With 400 colourful interlocking cubes, children can build a wide array of structures, from simple shapes to complex designs.

Educational Fun: Includes worksheets that guide children through various building challenges, enhancing their learning experience.

High-Quality Materials: Made from durable, non-toxic materials, ensuring safe and long-lasting use.

Portable and Convenient: The set is easy to store and transport, making it perfect for learning and play on the go.

Benefits of the 400-Piece Interlocking Cubes for Construction

Boost Creativity and Imagination: Encourages children to think creatively and explore their imagination through building.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills: The worksheets and construction challenges help develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Hands-On Learning: Provides a tactile and interactive learning experience that enhances memory and retention.

Encourage Teamwork: Ideal for group activities, promoting cooperation and teamwork among children.

Support Inclusive Education: Suitable for various learning environments, making it perfect for both individual and collaborative play.

Perfect for Young Builders

Our 400-piece Interlocking Cubes for Construction set is more than just a toy—it’s a gateway to creativity and learning. Whether used at home or in the classroom, this set makes building and learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Get Your 400-Piece Interlocking Cubes for Construction Today!

Ignite your child's creativity and building skills with our 400-piece Interlocking Cubes for Construction set. Order now.

Roller board for play and therapy. The Floor Surfer® appeals to children and combines play and the training of motor skills. The Floor Surfer® has been developed in partnership with children's physiotherapists to ensure safe use by any child irrespective of motor skills level. The Floor Surfer® combines function, safety and design. Maximum load 100 kg.
Wooden sticks for playing the classical MIKADO game. Each stick has a different colour and the tip is made of rubber
The Robo-Board trains weight transfer, dynamic balance and provides proprioceptive stimulation for children from 4 years. The Robo-Board moves easily by means of the child's weight transfer from side to side. When the child's weight is shifted to one side using muscular force and rotation around the spinal column, the child can rotate in a circular movement of up to 360 degrees.
We have re-designed the classic Seesaw allowing the child to move in a smooth motion while stimulating the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. It has a non-slip surface, with pliable, TPE rubber mounds on the underside that allow softer, more dynamic movement. The base of the pivot is covered with artificial rubber to reduce the risk of crushing the child’s feet or fingers, and to prevent damage to the floor. Maximum load 75 kg.
River - landscape
An exciting balance landscape with no less than 25 elements that can be combined in any number of ways. The set provides lots of options for balance training, movement exercises and group play and includes a number of play scenarios. Maximum load 100 kg.